Privacy Policies

Conduct Privacy Security

Regardless of the country/region where you reside, you agree and authorize TASTI2023 to collect, transfer, process, store, and use your personal data in country/region other than your residence in accordance with this Privacy Statement in order to provide you with services.
The Taiwan Space Agency (TASA), as a consortium of legal entities, will adhere to the Personal Information Protection Act and related regulations. TASA will provide information and registration services for the "Taiwan International Assembly of Space Science, Technology, and Industry" (TASTI) activities while ensuring the interests of the applicants.
Pursuant to the act, TASA will collect, process, and use the personal information provided by the applicants, including name, affiliation, job title, email address, and other information that can directly or indirectly identify the individual.
Your personal information will be retained from the date of registration and will only be used by TASA and the main association unit in Taiwan within the necessary and reasonable scope for the aforementioned collection purposes until those purposes are fulfilled.
By agreeing, you consent to TASA using the personal information provided to verify your identity and contact you for business-related needs.
According to the Personal Information Protection Act, you have the right to: (1) request access to or review your personal information, (2) request a copy of your personal information, (3) request supplementation or correction of your personal information, (4) request the cessation of collection, processing, or utilization of your personal information, (5) request the erasure of your personal information. However, TASA may refuse requests that are necessary for its duties or as regulated by other laws.
It is optional for you to provide your personal information to TASA. However, if the provided information is insufficient to verify your identity or if there is evidence of fraudulent use or misappropriation of personal information, TASA reserves the right to suspend your registration qualifications and related rights.
If you choose not to provide or provide correct personal information, or if you request the cessation, erasure, or other restrictions regarding the collection, processing, or use of personal information, TASA may be unable to provide you with the relevant services for the aforementioned collection purposes.
The TASTI2023 website or webpages and mobile app may contain links to other websites or webpages which do not belong to TASTI2023. TASTI2023is not responsible for, and its privacy policies do not apply to, the content or privacy practices of such linked websites. For information on the privacy policies and practices of such linked websites, please refer to the privacy policies and personal data protection notices posted on those websites.
Cookies are a type of technology allowing website servers to communicate with a user's browser, and may involve the storage of some information on the user's computer. The TASTI2023 website will read information stored in cookies on your computer or mobile communication device. You may use your browser settings to turn off or restrict this function, but this might result in your being unable to use certain website functions. If you wish to know how to turn off or restrict the cookie function, please contact the TASTI2023 Service Representative by email.
Any matters not covered in this consent agreement will be handled in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act or other relevant regulations.